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Sneak peek of Always a Marine, Dwayne Dempsey’s and Marla Danaher’s story:

Place – Hilton Checkers Hotel, downtown Los Angeles, following an evening at the Disney Concert Hall and dinner.

The minute was more like five minutes, and seemed like an eternity to him. The water went on and off. The toilet flushed. A hangar scraped the back of the door. What the hell was taking her so long? The door knob turned.

     “Close your eyes.”


     “Because I asked you to!”

     “I’ve seen you naked, honey.”

     “Just close your eyes and stop arguing, please.”

     He crossed his arms and sighed. “Okay, Miss Sunday School Teacher. They’re closed. Come out here.” The door hinges barely made a whisper.

     “Okay, open them.”

     He opened his eyes, clutched at his heart and gasped dramatically, “Your sister wants to kill me. Call a corpsman.”

     “Oh stop it! Is it too, um, daring? I feel like I should be putting out my hand and asking you for money in this getup.”

     Instead of answering he twirled his finger in a circle. She turned slowly, the hem of the satin, leopard print slip, trimmed with lace, barely covered her mouthwatering ass. “Look what you did to me, Danaher.” He ran a hand over the bulge in the front of his suit pants, moaned, and reached for his wallet. “How much?”

     A bright pink blush on her chest, she sauntered to him using exaggerated hip movements, her breasts swinging, and extended her hand. “Five hundred dollars. In advance.”

     He grinned. “Can I have credit for what I’ve already spent?” He pulled some bills out. “Otherwise I’ll have to owe you.”

     “People in my profession don’t extend credit, Marine. But because you’re obviously so new at this, I’ll make an exception.” She draped her arms around his neck and tilted her head for his kiss. “Just so you know we don’t usually kiss our customers either.”

     “Where does this vast knowledge of the oldest profession come from? Is there something you should tell me?”

     Marla pressed her pelvis against his erection. “I read a lot.”

     He grabbed her bottom and kissed her until she was breathless. “I’m going to make love to you until you beg for mercy, Danaher.”

     “That’ll cost extra, Dempsey.”

     “Stay right there.”

     “Where are you going?”

     “I want to see what else is in that bag. I may have to run out and find an ATM.”

     “You can look, but I’m not wearing that thing.”

     He grabbed the bag and brought it to the bed. His hand closed on filmy black and white silk, lace and ruffles. When he lifted it out of the bag he dropped his head back and hooted with glee.

     “Oh, I have plans for this, my little French Maid.” He held up a white lace cap and twirled it on his finger. “Oh, yeah. You will wear it before morning.” He took her hand. “Come here, for five hundred dollars I’m entitled to a favor.” Pulling her close he ran his hands over her sides, back and front then lifted the slip over her head and dropped it on the floor.

     Eyes big, she choked out a whisper. “What?”

     “Undress me.”

     “That’s the favor?”

     “Use your imagination.”