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Here's a peek at Love of a Marine, Cluny McPherson's and Graciella Jefferson's story
Place - Zuma Beach, Malibu California, late June.

Cluny shifted, lay on his belly and squinted at Amber and Santos. “He’s got the hang of it now. They’re having a great time.” He dropped his chin on his folded arms. “God, I remember the first time I saw an ocean. It was when Dwayne and I were stationed at Camp Pendleton as a couple of raw recruits. He got a charge out of my reaction. Born California, it was old stuff to him. We were twenty years old and invincible. We knew everything.”

“Cluny, do you have sunscreen on your back?” He had a beautiful, manly back. She itched to touch it.

“Only where I could reach.” He rolled his head to the side. “Wanna do the honors?”

Instead of answering him she reached in her tote bag and withdrew a large bottle of SPF 30, knelt next to him and squirted a good-size dollop between his shoulder blades. She hesitated with her hand an inch from his skin then began to massage the silky lotion over him. Cluny’s back felt as wonderfully strong as it looked. She closed her eyes at the sensuous tingle she experienced when he groaned with pleasure. It had been more than ten long years since she’d put her hands on a man like this. She hadn’t realized how much she’d missed it until now.

He rolled to his side, reached for the bottle and sat up. “My turn,” then reached for her shoulder and pushed gently. She didn’t resist and stretched out next to him waiting for the feeling of his big hands on her body.


“Yes?” Oh, my, his touch was wonderful. “If I ever say or do anything you don’t like, please tell me. If you think I’m pressuring you or making you uncomfortable, you have to let me know.”

“OK.” She relaxed into the motion of his hands. Was this time for the friends-only talk? No, she’d wait.