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Always A Marine Patty Campbell

Always a Marine -- Now Available.
*Book Four

Retired Marine, Joe Hamilton, served fifteen years in the Corps. On his first deployment he was in the same unit with Dwayne Dempsey, Cluny McPherson and Misty Beachy. They were all together when caught in an ambush on their way to Baghdad and home. Some of them were severely wounded. Young Joe’s war wound was his dependence on alcohol to soothe his broken heart after his fiancée had sent him a classic Dear John letter.

After a short time as a civilian, he reenlisted, conquered his alcoholism, and was wounded twice in combat. A civilian again, he’s just getting settled into his new apartment in Glendale and his dream job as a cybercrime computer specialist.  It isn’t long before he meets his dream girl, Sandy Cassidy, his sister Liz’s coworker. Joe has some deep secrets that Liz would never reveal to Sandy or anyone else.

Sandy has her own secrets. She’s living with a burden of guilt and responsibility that she has kept from her friends, colleagues, and even her family in Portland. She can’t move forward with her life until she finds a way to resolve it. Meeting Joe emphasizes the urgency to take dramatic steps to change her life. Because, if she doesn’t, there’s no hope for a future with Joe.

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Soul of a Marine ebook -- Patty Campbell
Print Version

Soul of a Marine -- Now Available
*Book Three

Master Sergeant Misty Beachy commanded Marines in a war zone. She might not look the part, but her men took her orders and respected her. The only thorn in her side was Major Jack Hawk, close air support pilot. He didn’t like women in combat, but he saved her unit from a deadly ambush. Misty has found a niche in civilian life training sniffer dogs for Customs. Her love life is non-existent. Then prickly Jack Hawk, the one man who never fails to get under her skin, returns. Now she can’t stop thinking about him, about The Kiss, even though she’s certain she can’t stand him. Well, almost certain...

Hot Stick Hawk doesn’t have time for a woman in his life right now. Especially not one he can’t figure out. He already has his hands full with his rebellious daughter and a move to civilian life. Even though Misty seems to despise him, he can’t deny the connection between them. If only he hadn’t kissed her, because no matter how hard he tries, he can’t get her out of his mind. But his teenage daughter’s antics may just derail everything before their relationship can even begin.

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Love a Marine Print
Print Version

Love of a Marine
*Book Two

Wounded Marine veteran, Cluny McPherson, is ready to throw in the towel. Why are his PTSD nightmares worse now, more than ten years after the ambush outside Fallujah? He hates his growing feelings of hopelessness and doubts he’ll ever live a normal life. He loves women and kids, and he desires a loving woman in his life, one who wants a family as much as he does. But with the nightmares getting worse, the only female he dares spend an entire night with is his loyal service dog, Queen, a war vet herself. Until one day on a California beach, he meets a beautiful woman and her young boy and everything changes. For the first time in years, there’s a chance of healing...and a chance at love.

Graciella Jefferson, SEAL widow and single mother, is wary of the man who sits for hours on the sand by the Point Dume rocks, staring at the ocean. But her nine-year-old son, Santos, is increasingly curious about the dog that wears a vest and stays next to the tall, dark-haired man in the baseball cap. When she finds out Cluny was saved in Iraq by her late husband, a friendship begins between them that quickly heats up into something much more. But Graciella has been burned before. Can she lower the walls around her heart and learn how trust again?

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Heart of a Marine


Heart of a Marine
*Book One

Falling in love wasn’t part of the contract...

Single dad and wounded warrior, Dwayne Dempsey, has no idea what he’s bargained for when he signs a construction contract with the curvy Marla Danaher to honcho her condo conversion. The last thing he needs is a sexy property developer breathing down his neck every step of the project. Her strong-minded bossiness should turn him off, but oddly, only makes her more desirable to him.

Marla Danaher has no time for dates, flirting, or marriage. She leaves that up to her twin sister, Charlene. Building a solid financial future and determining her own destiny are her top priorities. Unfortunately, the former Marine running the construction project she’s poured everything into only complicates everything. His teasing sexual innuendos drive her to distraction, and she can’t ignore his raw physical strength and masculinity. They’re on each other’s nerves day in and day out, but that does nothing to diminish their strong attraction sparking between them. Too bad love scares them both.

When the mother of Dwayne’s daughter suddenly reappears, things take a nasty turn as she fights for sole custody of the child she’d abandoned. There’s no way he’s giving up his daughter, but when a series of break-ins and threats begin, his protective side flares to life. How can he protect those he cares for most without driving them away?

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Risky Business

Mariska Williston has a dream. She wants to rescue every orphaned dog in her home town, Simi Valley, California. Someday she'll find a way to open a dog rescue and adoption center, so that no dog ever has to go to a kill shelter in her town again.
Risky has more dogs than the law allows at her late grandmother's old homestead on Box Canyon Road, and she's just a step ahead of the animal control officers. She and the vet she works for reunite lost dogs with their owners, and  place as many of the others as possible for adoption in loving homes.
Chet Jensen meets Risky at her uncle's funeral. He's surprised to be attracted to the bizarre and oddly beautiful brunette with gypsy eyes. They couldn't be more different. She's disorganized and unconventional. He's the king of neat and order. Ms. Williston's the polar opposite of every woman he's ever been attracted to. And she gave him the brush-off.

updated version coming soon


Once a Marine, released 2013

Is this a one-night stand or the first day of the rest of her life?

BD James is on an upward career path. She works for a tyrant whose erratic demands have cost her a broken engagement.  Her life takes a dramatic turn when she meets Rafael Cruz, an ex-Marine who lives a secret and dangerous double life.

When she learns Rafi has kept her in the dark about his black ops missions, she questions whether her passion for him is strong enough to overcome her fear and mistrust.

It’s time for Rafi to make some decisions about his footloose life.

updated version coming soon


Jelly’s Big Night Out, released 2012

After life took a tragic turn, Jelly Swanson had no time for men. Providing a safe, nurturing home for her little sister and running a successful boutique left her too busy for much else, and forced the idea of a love life to the back burner. But when she goes to school for a teacher conference, her sister Emi’s science teacher, with his unpronounceable last name, takes Jelly completely by surprise.

The last thing Henry Palasczewski is looking for is romance. With a broken engagement behind him, he’s interested only in the job he loves and the students who adore him. Then Ms. Swanson walks into his classroom, and he’s dazzled by her sexy, flamboyant manner. She’s way out of his league, but the chemistry between them is undeniable.

When Emi goes missing, a tangle of secrets and past loves may destroy any chance they have of happiness.

updated version coming soon

*All author's proceeds from the Wounded Warrior series will be donated to Wounded Warriors of South Florida to help them continue their services on behalf of our wounded veterans.
Semper Fi!