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Here's a sneak peak at Soul of a Marine, Misty Beachy's and Hot Stick Hawk's story.

There was no mistaking the meaning in Hawk’s gray eyes this time. They drilled into hers.

Heart pounding she gulped. “Uh oh.” Misty took off at a run. Cheers and laughter erupted from the crowd as she bolted through the side gate, Jack’s footsteps pounding close behind. She hadn’t even made it past the house when he grabbed her. “No, Jack, I didn’t do anything!”

“Like hell.” He pulled her against his wet body, soaking her shirt and shorts.

She struggled. Even though she’d passed the rigid physical requirements when she’d joined the Marines a dozen years ago, she was no match against his surprising strength. Shocked beyond belief when he held the back of her head and pressed his mouth against hers, she lifted her knee, but he blocked her move easily.

Misty pounded his chest with her fists. He dropped his hand from her head, but wrapped it around her upper back. “What the hell do you think you’re doing, Hawk? Let go of me right now!”

He grinned and shook his head. “Not yet.”

“You bast…” How it happened, she wasn’t sure, but she found herself kissing him back. Sinking deeper into him, her mind was inundated, her body burning in places that had lain dormant for more than two years.

Jack’s lips melted into hers. He shifted the hand at her waist lower and pressed her tight. She could no longer feel where his body ended and hers began. Her palms roamed his back and shoulders. The small moan she heard came from deep inside her own throat. How had she got to the age of thirty-three without experiencing a kiss like this?

Going still, she pulled back. “Jack, what…?”

“Shhh.” He gently held her cheeks, thumbs stroking her earlobes. “Shhh.” Kissed her again.

“Dad?” Ellen’s voice shattered the moment. “Mr. McPherson said the sing-off is starting in a minute.”

“We’ll be right there.” He dropped his hands, gray eyes burning. “You okay?”

“No.” She was anything but okay, not sure she could even walk. Squeezing her eyes closed she sucked in a deep breath.

Jack put his arm around her shoulders and moved in the direction of the gate. “Let’s go back.”

“Everybody’s going to think we’ve…”

“I don’t give a rat’s ass about that.”

She shrugged him off and walked the rest of the way to the gate without his help. The


minute they passed the garage into the back yard, cheers erupted. The heat of her blush nearly


floored her. She hadn’t blushed since she was a teenager. How she hated Jack Hawk.